• Activities for Everyone at Decatur Book Festival

    by Michelle Hutchinson Who would have thought that the Decatur Book Festival would grow from its inaugural event in 2006 to become the largest book festival in the southeast?! I’m thrilled to live fairly close to Decatur, and this year’s festival, which opens today and runs through the Labor Day weekend, has added performances from […]

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  • Asheville: More Than a Writer’s Retreat

    by Michelle Hutchinson The older kids get, the less time they like to spend with their parents. So I was thrilled when my 20-year-old recently asked me if I wanted to get away for a mother-daughter weekend. With summer temperatures rising in Atlanta, we headed for Asheville, NC, in the Appalachian Mountains. As an editor, […]

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Michelle Hutchinson, Wordhelper

Michelle Hutchinson, Wordhelper

I've never been one to follow conventional wisdom—at least when it doesn't make sense to me—and I'm not about to start now. Conventional wisdom says to limit your blog to one topic (e.g., writing) or to related topics (e.g., writing, reading, publishing), but my interests are too diverse.

While a good deal of this blog will be devoted to writing, editing, and resumes, I'll also explore topics in health, science, education, and a smattering of other areas. After all, I'm not only an editor and writer, but I am or have been a dentist, teacher, naval officer, environmental researcher, wife, parent, and pet owner.

I hope you'll take some time to provide comments on the posts.

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