Wordhelper Certified to Serve Hearing- and Speech-Impaired

by Michelle Hutchinson

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Logo used with permission of Georgia Relay

Have you ever wondered how people who are deaf, hard of hearing, deaf-blind, or have difficulty speaking call a business? Years ago, they didn’t. But assistive communication devices—such as text telephones and videophones—have changed all that…or at least they should have.

Unfortunately, people who use assistive communication devices still experience difficulties when calling businesses, often because the person on the receiving end of the call mistakes it for a telemarketing solicitation. I wonder how many times I made this mistake before I was recently trained as a certified Georgia Relay Partner.

Georgia Relay is my state’s free public service that provides the hearing- and speech-impaired with assistive communication devices and educates businesses and their employees in the simple steps for receiving and placing Relay calls.

Years ago, callers and recipients both needed special phones, but with Georgia Relay, businesses no longer need particular equipment. Instead, speech- or hearing-impaired citizens type or sign their phone conversations to a specially trained communications assistant who voices the Relay user’s words to the hearing party and types or signs the hearing party’s words back to the Relay user.

Now that Wordhelper has been certified as a Georgia Relay Partner, I feel more comfortable helping hearing- or speech-impaired consumers with their editing, writing, and resume needs.

If you have questions about Georgia Relay, visit www.GeorgiaRelay.org or contact Ellen Rolader, Georgia Outreach Coordinator at ellen.rolader@hamiltonrelay.com or 678-620-6776. If you have questions about Wordhelper’s services or our work with the hearing- or speech-impaired, contact us at info@wordhelper.com or 770-518-0010.

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