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Michelle revised Ellen Feld’s first novel for 9-to-13-year-olds, Blackjack, after it had initially been edited by someone else and wasn’t selling well. The revised version went on to win the Children’s Choices award from the International Reading Association and the Children’s Book Council. Since then, Wordhelper has edited five more of Ms. Feld’s books, all of which have won at least one national award.

Annie - Ellen F. Feld


Blackjack - Ellen F. Feld


Frosty - Ellen F. Feld



Rimfire - Ellen F. Feld


Rusty - Ellen F. Feld


Robin - Ellen F. Feld



Connect with Kids, a multimedia company focused on helping educators and parents teach life skills, prevention, character, health, and wellness, hired Michelle to edit Inside Out: Real Stories about the Inner Choices that Shape Our Lives. This book has sold and continues to sell very well to private schools and public school systems.

Cheril Clarke, a writer of erotic love stories, came to Wordhelper to edit Tainted Destiny after an unpleasant experience with the editor of a previous manuscript. Michelle has since edited two more books for Ms. Clarke. Cheril sells her books in hard copy and e-reader formats.

The Beautiful People New Orleans

The Beautiful People New Orleans

Tainted Destiny

Tainted Destiny

Losing Control

Losing Control


Dr. Janet Burns wrote Evaluation Strategies for Teachers and Trainers as a textbook for students in her teacher certification courses. She was so grateful for Wordhelper’s editing assistance, that she put Michelle’s name on the cover.

Evaluation Strategies for Teachers and Trainers - by Dr. Janet Burns
Evaluation Strategies for Teachers and Trainers


Bob Goddard is an equine humorist who utilized Wordhelper’s services on his hilarious parody of a horse care guide, which was written from the perspective of a bewildered father of two horse-addicted daughters.

Horse Crazy

Horse Crazy

When Monica Bey-Clarke and Cheril Clarke needed an open-minded, non-judgmental editor for their children’s story that exemplifies the normalcy of everyday life in LGBT families and relates a universal message about sharing and getting along despite our differences, they knew they could count on Wordhelper’s editing services.

Keesha and Her Two Moms


Professionals Who Need Their Articles Edited before Submitting to Peer-Reviewed, Industry Journals

Dr. Janet Burns and Dr. Howard Needleman relied on Wordhelper and Michelle’s background in research, dentistry, and education to edit their articles before submitting them to peer-reviewed professional journals that then accepted their works for publication.

Cover Page – Needleman (PDF)
Using Web Based Journaling (PDF)

Academic Publishers Who Need Chapters Written for Their Textbooks or Lessons Edited for Presentations

Words & Numbers is one of many companies that has subcontracted their work to Wordhelper. For Words & Numbers, Michelle wrote a chapter for a biology textbook and a chapter for an anatomy and physiology textbook and edited eight engineering lessons on electricity.

Business Owners Who Need Website Content

Quality Craftsmen, a remodeling and renovation company, and Natty Flats, a custom interiors boutique, are examples of some of the businesses that have used Wordhelper’s writing expertise.
Quality Craftsman
Natty Flats

Organizations that Use Marketing Brochures and Newsletters

The Financial Advisor Coaching Institute and The Wholesaler Institute repeatedly use Wordhelper’s editing services to provide clarity to their marketing brochures and newsletters so they connect with their target audience.

Individuals Who Need Resumes

Sample Executive, C-Level, Vice President/President Resume

This client, a respected executive, is employed but understands the importance of keeping a current resume ready in case a headhunter calls. Executive resumes can be, and are almost expected to be, at least 3 pages.
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Sample Functional Resume

Functional resumes are often used when someone has been out of the work force for a while, is switching careers, or is a recent graduate. This client had just graduated from a seminary. Within 2 weeks of using this resume, he had several interviews and a subsequent job offer. He is now happily employed in his desired field.
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Sample College Application Resume

This high school student needed a resume for her college applications. We organized her accomplishments into categories and explained activities upon which she had failed to elaborate. She was accepted to her first-choice college.
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