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Your resume is your opportunity to differentiate yourself from all the other applicants for a job. Your cover letter explains why you’re the perfect candidate. At Wordhelper, we prepare resumes and cover letters that open doors to interviews.


Do you know the differences between a chronological and functional resume, and when each should be used? Wordhelper does.

Do you know when to use a one-page, two-page, or three-page resume? Wordhelper does.

Are you between jobs, or are you currently employed? Are you a stay-at-home parent who is ready to re-enter the job market? Do you want to switch careers or move from one industry to another? Are you a member of the armed forces who is about to transition to civilian life? How about a student? We’ve helped people in all of those situations, and we can help you too.

Contact us at or at 770-518-0010, or use the contact form below to let us know where you are in your job search and where you want to be. If you haven’t even started yet, that’s fine. We’ll get back in touch with you to discuss the type of resume that will work for you and how we will go about preparing it.

When we’re done, you’ll get your resume in three formats: Microsoft Word, PDF, and plain text.
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Sample Resumes

Click on the documents below to view samples of the different types of resumes we can prepare. All identifying information has been removed to protect client privacy. PDF reader is required.

Cover Letters

Unless you are being represented by a recruiter, a cover letter should accompany every resume. Not including one, even if you are told it’s optional, indicates laziness and will land your resume in the reject pile.

Your cover letter must not only indicate the position for which you are applying but should mention how your experience and/or education matches the requirements for the job, and why the company and/or job to which you’re applying appeals to you. Wordhelper will ensure that your cover letter does this clearly and concisely.

We can prepare a generic cover letter or a cover letter targeted to a specific job posting.
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Salary Histories and Reference Lists

We can format those to match the banner on your resume, so when you mail or e-mail your documents, everything will match and look professional.

Post-Interview Thank-You Notes

You’ve had the interview and made your mark. Don’t blow the opportunity to get the job offer by not sending a thank-you note or by sending one that is riddled with errors or doesn’t clearly convey your enthusiasm for the position or why you’re a perfect fit. Tell us about your interview conversation, and we’ll prepare a thank-you note that will impress the recipient.

Resume Workshops

Michelle is available to conduct resume-writing and cover-letter workshops. These typically last an hour. Time is reserved at the end for a question-and-answer period, but questions are welcome during the presentation too.

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We respect your privacy and will never share your name or contact information with other parties unless required by law.