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  • What to Do, Where to Stay and Eat in Sedona

    by Michelle Hutchinson Vistas, vortexes, and the vastness of our galaxy are just some of the things to take in during a visit to Sedona. Clear, dry weather makes this possible on most days in the Arizona town of striated rocks and canyons. For the best sunset, head to the Sedona Airport. A scenic overlook […]

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  • Cokie Roberts Honors Founding Mothers in New Children’s Book

    by Michelle Hutchinson If you make the rounds of the Sunday morning TV news programs or listen to NPR, you’re no doubt familiar with political commentator Cokie Roberts. Roberts is also a best-selling author, and her most recent book, Founding Mothers: Remembering the Ladies (HarperCollins), which was released just last week, is sort of a […]

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  • Curators Provide Tips for Preserving Rare Books

    By Michelle Hutchinson I am not a biblical scholar, but I do love to learn about all types of books. Recently, I posted about the good fortune I had to watch congregants of a local synagogue start to write their own Torah, the scrolled parchment containing the first five books of The Old Testament. One […]

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  • What Can Writers Learn from a Modern Scribe of Ancient Scrolls?

    By Michelle Hutchinson “It takes one year of writing six hours per day, six days a week to complete a single Torah.” Those were the words of Rabbi Danneman at Temple Kol Emeth, in Marietta, GA, as he began to write a new Torah, the scrolled parchment containing the first five books of The Bible. Do […]

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Michelle Hutchinson, Wordhelper

Michelle Hutchinson, Wordhelper

I've never been one to follow conventional wisdom—at least when it doesn't make sense to me—and I'm not about to start now. Conventional wisdom says to limit your blog to one topic (e.g., writing) or to related topics (e.g., writing, reading, publishing), but my interests are too diverse.

While a good deal of this blog will be devoted to writing, editing, and resumes, I'll also explore topics in health, science, education, and a smattering of other areas. After all, I'm not only an editor and writer, but I am or have been a dentist, teacher, naval officer, environmental researcher, wife, parent, and pet owner.

I hope you'll take some time to provide comments on the posts.

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