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Wordhelper has a great deal of experience writing for a variety of clients in different industries and for a number of publications targeting an array of readers. Let us help you connect with your audience by using our copywriting, academic writing, survey, or rhyming services.


Do you need original website content, a marketing letter, or a press release? Are you a magazine publisher who needs an article written? We can do that for you.

Michelle is also available to speak to business, civic, or networking groups to provide tips on connecting members with their target markets.

When you want to flesh out your project or go further and discuss the details, you can easily reach us at michelle.hutchinson@wordhelper.com or 770-518-0010, or by using the contact form below.
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Academic Writing

Do you need textbook chapters, curricula or courses that align with state or federal standards, lesson plans, syllabi, or a student assignment description with a grading rubric? Michelle can take care of those for you.

She holds teaching certifications in biology, health, healthcare science, and broad field science, has taught in online and traditional brick-and-mortar environments, and instructed middle school, high school, and college students.
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A survey is a very useful tool for getting feedback from clients, figuring out new ways to conduct business, or testing an approach to market a new service or product.

Surveys are also utilized in a variety of research projects. In fact, in graduate school, Michelle designed and conducted surveys for two investigations, so she understands the importance of pretesting a survey before it’s used on a large population.
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Last name’s Hutchinson; first name’s Michelle.
Editing’s my talent, and I use it quite well.

When your plot’s inconsistent or your participle’s dangling,
Or your sentences run on, or your words need untangling,

I’ll get it all straight with error-free text.
If clients understand you, you won’t be vexed.

For a novel, web content, brochure, or newsletter,
Connecting to readers makes your profits much better.

Articles, textbooks, and resumes too
May be the way people get their first impression of you.

When your words are engaging, you’ll be a success.
I’ll rewrite the wrongs. You don’t need to stress.

So phone us today on your land line or cell.
Email will also work just as well.

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